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Southern Package

This tour is perfect for all ages; this is by far the most popular combination package in the Southern part of Belize. With little to no hiking involved (exception of ruins), it is ideal for a person with physical limitations. The majority of the tour is done sitting including the spice farm where we are taken on carts and trailers around the farm.


Come and enjoy the sights and scents of Southern Belize on this great adventure. Upon arriving to the Spice Farm, we Enjoy flowering plants, gorgeous foliage, and the aroma and taste of spices and fruits while on a trolley train that takes around the property, making stops at the more interesting sites. Once completed we enjoy a fresh cup of juice, while one can shop at the gift shop for local spices and herbal remedies.


Next up we head down to Ixcacao Chocolate, a small-indoors chocolate facility, here you will experience how to make your own chocolate on traditional grinding stones just like the ancient Mayans did. Chocolate drinks, bars, and other products will be available for sample throughout the presentation, once completed we enjoy a special lunch prepared by the Chocolate queen herself. The Chocolate Making Sessions at a living Mayan Museum offers you the best of Real Mayan Culture and its authenticity.


You have a choice of a nearby waterfall or a quick visit at Nim Li Punit, a smaller Maya site well known for the large number of stelae found there.

Min. 3


8am - 4pm

Price: $145US per person


Bottled Water


Park Fees

Tour Guide

Free Pickup on Peninsula



Tennis Shoes/Sandals

Change of Clothes

Bug Spray

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