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Monkey River

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity takes place in a swampy mangrove forest located near Monkey River Village.  The wild monkeys and other Belizean wildlife thrive in this tropical habitat. 

The mangrove is full of tall trees, flowers, tropical plants, and most notably, the tangled thicket of exposed tree roots that surround the edge of the brackish water.


The shaded passenger boat glides slowly down the mangrove river and is the perfect way to spot crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, crabs emerging from the holes in the mud, a variety of birds feeding on the banks to the whisk of the green basilisk lizards running on top of the river water – there is something always moving in the mangrove. The excitement of the tour heightens when the guide takes you for a short jungle hike and brings you up close to the Howlers monkeys. Once completed it's back to the boat to the small island for a quick lunch.

Enjoy a quick stop with the manatees on the way back, there is no age requirement for our monkey mangrove tour, your little adventurers will cherish the memory, don’t miss the chance to take this unique tour. 

Min. 2


8am - 1pm

Price: $100US per person


Bottled Water


Park Fees

Tour Guide

Life Vest



Hiking Shoes

Long Sleeve Shirt/Pants

Bug Spray


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